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[组图]Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products
Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products

Lanzhou Institute of Biological Products (LIBP) was established in 1934. As one of the major subsidiary biological hi-tech enterprises under China National Biotech Cooperate (CNBP), it is engaged in the R&D, training, manufacture and marketing of biological products. The institute is an important scientific research organization in China in the fields of Medical microbiology, Immunology, and Molecule-biology. It has been honorablely selected as one of the industrialized basements for National 863 Program under the Ministry of Science & Technology; hi-tech industrialized model unit of National Development and Reform Committee and as state certified technical center of enterprises. Moreover, the institute is authorized to  confer the Master’s degree and appointed as post-doctor working station. It is supplier of rehabilitation-drug for so-called “Tomorrow Plan” project by the Ministry of Civil Administration as well. 

The main task of the Institute is researching, producing and selling biological products used for prevention, treatment and diagnosis of infectious diseases and other diseases, including vaccine, toxoid, blood products and diagnostic products. LIBP has production license for about 150 kinds of biological products and all of the products and workshops conform to GMP standard by SFDA’s inspection.

The total area of LIBP covers 430.000 square meters, where over 1400 employees are working; among those, 650 are technical personnel of different level and the education level of 800 employees is or above polytechnic school, which accounts for 46% and 57% of the total number respectively. The total assets of the institute are RMB 800miollion; annual sale is RMB 500million and profit is about RMB 100million. The tax credit of the institute is classified as grade A and bank credit as grade AA+.

LIBP has been selected as one of 60 excellent industry enterprises of Gansu province for three consecutive years from 2002 to 2004. In 2005, the Institute ranked 48 among 100 Gansu excellent industry enterprises and its total profit ranked the 12th of the province.

LIBP insists on scientifically development point of view and emphasizes on building up creative system of enterprise. The Institute has 6 research laboratories, 2 national bacteria-strain-preservation centers and 1 bio-safety laboratory. About 120 professional technicians are taking part in bio-technical research and development, including 14 senior researchers. It has a good foundation for R&D with special and distinct research subjects and orientation.

LIBP has gained fruitful research achievement. In the last decade, 4 new biological products of class I, 8 of class II, 2 of class III and other 13 of class or imitated drugs have been successfully developed. The institute has received national awards on science and technology progress, one is first prize, 2 are 4th prize and another 2 received Dubang Scientific& Technological Creation Prizes.  Provincial scientific & technological progress prizes are 8.

Products of LIBP have covered all provinces, municipal and autonomous region in China  except Taiwan and vaccine products of LIBP account for 17% of national vaccine market. In recent years, its avenue sales of new products with self intellectual property has already accounted for over 80% of its total sales amount, among these, products of Group A and C Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine, Hib Conjugate Vaccine, Live Rotavirus Vaccine, Anthrax Vaccine (Live) for Percutaneous Scarification, Plague Vaccine (Live) for Percutaneous Scarification, Brucellossis Vaccine ( Live ) for Percutaneous Scarification, Botulinum Toxin Type A for Injection and Botulinum antitoxin are solely manufactured in China. Moreover, its product of Butulinum Toxin Type A for Injection has already registered and sold in 16 countries. It is the first independently exported biological product with completely self intellectual property.  


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